Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm going, going...Back, back...To South Beach...South Beach.

Here is a quick little story about the first few days in March and how they will affect my life.

March something I'm taking a little flight south and I'm landing here. In hopes of a great tan and some much needed and I do mean much needed fun in the sun.

That same day I land well actually later on in the evening I will take my presence, dressed in Purple and Gold to The American Airlines Arena in hopes of catching a glimpse of greatness (Black Mamba aka Kobe Bryant).

The game is my main reason for visiting Florida. Honestly, I hate too much sun because I can't ever catch a proper tan unless I'm in The Dominican Republic.

Hopefully after the Lakers win I will be taking my eager behind to...

Where I will spend most of the weekend throwing back some...

(Designate Middle Drink as drink of choice)

All of this in a 3 Day span will obviously make my year so I am looking forward to spending some quality time with the sun and beach. In return for Florida's hospitality and fun times I will bless them with this look for most of the weekend:

I can't wait. Flight is booked. Hotel is booked. Outfits I'm still working on. it's going to be a hell of a trip. Shout out to YP for always keeping me in her thoughts.

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