Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random Banter

I'm on Tumblr a lot these days. I don't know why but the sites are super entertaining and it helps kill time at work. I usually have a few hundred that I browse daily (no joke) and I just skim through them, save pictures that catch my attention and laugh at the things that make me laugh. Simple. So early this morning I'm on my usual routine and I freeze, I stop stare, jaw almost dislocated at how true this statement is. Now, I'm as random and as spontaneus as you'll ever find someone so this shouldn't come as a surprise. I used to wear chapstick a lot a few years back. Recently I've started using Blistex. I hate chapped lips. I hate that feeling where you can bite off your skin. Oh and a word of advice, if you're in a relationship, you should always wear lip balm. Just saying. Anyway, I'm always losing mine. What bothers me the most about this is that I lose them when I either one, Just got them or two halfway. I never lose them when they're almost done. I can't stand that. I usually have two at a time now just for the sake of keeping my sanity. It's kind of like when you have a pen one minute and the next minute it's gone, like literally GONE! Oh my god, don't even get me started on that one.

Image via: www.misseyfiles.tumblr.com

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