Thursday, January 13, 2011

Straight to Hell

I owned ONE bike my whole life. I remember it was an all blue Huffy Bike that was given to me and I believe it was as an Xmas gift when I was about seven years old. Now if you're from NY you'll understand the structure of any NYC apartment, but for those of you who wouldn't here is a quick glimpse into a regular New York apartment. You have your certain number of rooms, kitchen, bathroom and closets and along the way you realize these poles that run from your ceiling to the floor. These are how our apartments are heated. Yes, those are heaters. Well it just so happens, I got to ride my bike maybe one time before my genius dad decided to store it behind my dresser having the bike lean right up against the heater. Now if it were spring/summer time then there would be nothing to worry about, but the fact that it was probably December/January made this a problem. Before I could save my bike they were these huge burn marks on both of the tires making them useless.

I just rambled on for about a paragraph with really no point except for this, take care of your bicycles. Or else.

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