Monday, January 24, 2011

Would you ever?

While I was bored at work I came up with this random question in which I can text a few of my girl friend's on my contacts and a few of my guy friend's and ask them the same question but in a way in which it wouldn't be labeled a double standard type of question. To all the girls I asked them if they would ever partake in a sexual experience with a guy and another girl. Basically a threesome but with someone of the same sex. Now to the guys I asked the same question but changed it and said if they would partake in a threesome with another dude.
Now not only did I laugh hysterically at work due to some of my dumb ass friend's answers, but I found it interesting how guys were real quick to answer the question while the girls were a bit more hesitant and usually started their answer with a "why are you asking me this?" or a " this is very random". It goes to show you how reserved most females are when compared to dudes. What surprised me the most was the fact that most of my answers were a resounding NO. Obviously for many different reasons but I thought that was cool how everyone even though they were asked the same question in different ways, answered the same thing.
Maybe guys are a bit reserved as well no? Maybe I should ask more out of line questions and conduct surveys to see what people are actually thinking.
I barely write as it is on my blog so this was a good way at just laying something down. As cool as the images are that I find online, there's nothing better than expressing yourself through words.

Thanks to those who answered my question. I know it takes a lot to deal with my nonsense.

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Soulful Jenn said...

".. nothing better than expressing yourself through words." -You.