Saturday, February 12, 2011

One year older.

Please stop getting older. Its hard to believe when you were about a week old I ave you frosted flakes because you as a baby wanted whatever I was eating. That's when I forgot your name was Dashel and started calling you Chuchi. It's still weird if I call you by your government name...I've seen you go from bow tie dresses and shoes to jeans and Tom boy shirts, sneakers and hats. From the ugly duckling to the beautiful young lady you are slowly becoming. I cry every time I think of you getting older because you're not the little baby who was reaching up for me to carry her. You're not the little baby that let me tie her hair. You're not the little baby that would bite my finger or pull my hair. I guess I have to grow up myself and realize that maybe you're not so little after all. Any differences we've had they're behind me and any future differences I hope they can get resolved. Happy Birthday little sister. Best wishes and I hope tonight is as much fun for you as it will be for me. Love you.

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