Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ray Won't Choke...

As I grew up in the 90's I really disliked Reggie Miller. I won't say I hated him because I respected the hell out of his game. His shot was almost automatic. Recently I have been reading " The Book Of Basketball" and in it explains how to break down players in order to rank them and Reggie was in the conversation so he was obviously a very good player. As much as you hate to see someone so animated and so loved and hated in the basketball game get a record surpassed by someone else, you still love to see other players succeed. I believe at this moment in time Ray Allen is ONE three pointer behind Reggie Miller's All Time Record for Three's made. One of the best shooters I've seen growing up is about to become Number Two at what he was good at. Kudos to that.

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