Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Panic Mode.

This Chelsea Season has been frustrating to say the least. We have started the season 1-4 after last night's terribly officiated game. We had a solid defensive approach and it worked for the most part. I know the ref's can't get every call...but the obvious ones should be called. That's neither here nor there. We have to move on to the next one. I still feel last years team was better overall. I don't like to be playing and coaching at the same time. It's frustrating. We need to win the next few games in order to even make the playoffs. It's a challenge that we can hopefully conquer. On a lighter note, the Zoom Kobe VII's are on point. I've played Basketball in the Kobe's since the 4th signature model and they just keep getting better and better. Now with the 7th one you can alternate between the "Strong" and "Fast" system. Last night I played in the "Fast" so next week I'll give the "Strong" a go. Hopefully I'll be writing about a win next time.

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