Thursday, November 1, 2012

J. Crawford's Ankle Breaker.

Oh man has the season started off with a bang. We've already had some "beefing" between the Heat and Celtics, some tight games that end in buzzer beaters, some Drama In LA and some ankles being broken. Now I know that is a term used to drop someone to the floor but this clip in every sense of the word looks like a "broken ankle". Jamal Crawford in my opinion has the best handle in the NBA when it comes to being tricky with the ball. I used to think Jamal Tinsley had crazy handle, D. Will has a killer crossover and even Devon Harris in Utah has a mean crossover back behind his legs. But man, ever since Jamal Crawford introduced the NBA to that move he did a couple of seasons ago where he fakes one direction and puts the ball behind his back just to bring it back and psych the defense out, I knew it wouldn't be the last time he embarrassed some opponents. When we had him in N.Y. he was solid but it feels like ever since he left he's just gotten better and better. The Clippers are stacked this year and this is some of the stuff the rest of the NBA can look forward to.

PS: Sorry Rudy. I think you're one of the premier players in the game when you're healthy...But be mad at Jamal not the internet for gushing about this.

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