Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Kobe Day Chuchi.

I would've done this earlier in the day or even last night. Got caught up doing stuff. Today is the 13th. One day before Valentine's day, which I could care less about because it's a gimmick. You should love your significant other everyday. Or at least show them that you do. More importantly it's my baby sister's birthday, her Kobe (24) Day. She's getting old. Too old. Her getting old just tells me one thing...That I'm getting Older. Great. Thanks life.

When you're close to someone you always remember something in your life, you both shared a moment that made you realize how much that person means to you. I've always had the same story when it comes to remembering times I've shared with my sister. It dates back to 1989. I always picture it like it happened yesterday. My sister was maybe weeks old. I must have been five years old walking around with a mini box of Frosted Flakes. I remember the crib she was in, more like a little rocker was low to the floor to the point where I could barely get my bowl shaped haircut over the ledge to just stare at her doing what babies do.

I'm staring in awe at what I have in front of me. Actually at WHO I have in front of me. As I'm enjoying my Frosted Flakes I see that she motions with the tiniest hands ever that she wanted some. Or at least I thought she did. Being the blond five year old I was I shared with my little sister and gave her a Flake. Almost killed the poor little thing. It was that moment when I realized that I was a BIG brother. I haven't eaten Frosted Flakes since.

Happy Birthday to the best baby sister a brother could ever have. I hope god blesses you with health and happiness. Enjoy your youth while you still have it. Ha ha.

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Anonymous said...

You're the best big brother a baby sister could ever ask for!!!!!!!