Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kobe Goes Down.

As if the Lakers season wasn't bad enough, Last night they lost to the Hawks in a tight game after being down by double digits. They made a come back in the third quarter led by none other than Kobe Bryant who had 20 in the quarter. The game came down to the last seconds when Bryant attempted a fade away jump shot and landed on Dahntay Jones' foot. Kobe severely sprained his left ankle and has no definite time table on a return. I can't even express how upset I am. Injuries do happen but the ones that happen like this could easily be avoided if Defensive players weren't so oblivious to the fact that you're planting your feet under a player who jumps with no idea of where he will be landing. Vanessa Bryant posted a picture on her Instagram of Kobe's X-ray's, which were negative but you could see the immense swelling. Hopefully Los Angeles can play well enough without Kobe to maintain the 8th seed in the Playoffs. The Struggle of being a Lakers' fan this season is rough.

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