Saturday, March 9, 2013

The. Nicest. Ever.

Man...It's been so long since the news of Christopher Wallace broke. I remember being in Middle School and my teacher began class by sitting us all down and turning on the radio. At the time we had no idea what she was doing but then it all clicked. She was the biggest Notorious BIG fan and she sat there while Angie Martinez talked about how he had just passed away after being a part of a heartless drive by in Los Angeles. One of the reasons I became such a huge Biggie fan was because of Ms. Diaz. She cried so much that day and I couldn't understand why? As I got older I realized the connection people make with musical artists. When you love something so much and you listen to it everyday you become a fan. Fans engage with artists like nothing I've ever seen before. It's amazing. Ever since that day I told myself I'd learn more about him and his music. I even think I had "Ready To Die" in cassette form. I found it on sale in a Pharmacy uptown for like $8. I'm mad I don't have it now but I must have burned that tape from how much I played it. I listen to Biggie's music to this day and enjoy it like it's my first time listening. The hip hop community lost a great gift, they lost the nicest rapper ever. EVER. He was only 24. He was taken away from us too soon. Rest in Peace Christopher Wallace. 

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