Monday, April 1, 2013

Brunch Bounce.


Man, This weekend was great. As my "vacation" came to an end I finally got to experience a "Brunch Bounce". You see pictures, you watch videos and you even hear stories about previous ones but you'll never describe what it's like until you actually attend one. Oh and I have some great friends and family. 
Shout out out to Jas and Dean who came all the way from Brooklyn.

 This kid is related to me and I barely see him but every time I do it's like we were never apart. Blood is definitely thicker than water.

Don't mind me.

We ended the afternoon by going to eat and then everything that happened after that was a blur to me. Mainly because I was under the influence. What I do remember though is the Laughs. That's what life is about.

Images via: My Phone.