Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kanye West: "Yeezus"

There is always a love/hate relationship that people have when certain artists release an album. I tell myself that sometimes it is difficult to be great because not everyone is going to see things the way you do. There is now denying how great Kanye is. He is different when he approaches everything he does. Some may not like it but he always seems to come out on top no matter what. When he dropped "808's and Heartbreak" a lot of people were skeptical about it. When I first heard it, I loved it. Instantly. I feel the same way about this. I haven't been on twitter long enough to have read what people thought about his previous albums but the things people say about "Yeezus" annoys me. They give the album one full listen and automatically call is garbage. Granted, Kanye has some classic albums so it's hard to compare but at the same time I always say that albums shouldn't be compared. Instead of sitting there and saying how "compared to his last album this one sucks" you should sit there and dissect the songs and know that it's been while since his last album and understand that things change. I can listen to all 10 tracks on this album and not skip a song. There are other people out there who are bigger fans of Kanye than I am and slander his work. I just sit back and watch how in a few months the same ones throwing dirt on the album will be the same ones praising how good the music really is.

Kanye's 6th Studio album, "Yeezus" is set to release June 18th, 2013.

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