Thursday, October 17, 2013

Eminem On SNL.

With his new project set to release next month some of you are about to get sick of hearing or watching Eminem. There have been mixed reviews about his most recent work. Due to drug problems, his latest efforts have fallen short in the eyes of some. Will I say some of his most recent work isn't what it used to be? Sure. Am I going to hate his stuff from here on out? Absolutely not. He is my favorite artist. My favorite rapper. My favorite Lyricist. So with that being said. I will continue to support his music no matter what. November 2nd he will be the special musical guest. What will see from him? Either "Berzerk" or "Rap God" or who knows? Maybe even a new song. Either way, be sure to tune in to NBC at 11:30pm ET. Can't wait.

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