Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Becomb Infinity- Flesh/Silver.

Man, I've been following Levi Maestro for a while now. I used to stay up late at night and watch or at least try and watch all his videos. From getting the first Air Yeezy's and playing ball in them to chilling with Kevin Love during All Star Weekend...he has this sense of "know" about him. Maybe I just made that term up but let me elaborate a bit. If I'm not mistaken he's self taught. Used to shoot his own videos and edit them himself. He accumulated a huge following of just friends and fans. He's such a likable dude. All of that aside, he started this venture into designing "watches" a few years ago. He came up with the name "Becomb" and created an infinity piece. It's not really a watch, it doesn't tell time or moves or ticks or anything. It is simply made to remind you that time is not an issue when you are pursuing your dreams and aspirations. He has limited pieces so if you want one act fast. They go for $150. Click here for more info.

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