Monday, February 3, 2014

Converse, Nike and Timberland : New Releases.

I have been slacking tremendously on here. Not only do I need to post some great Holiday pictures but I also need to post more often. Aside from that though the fashion scene has been busy as usual. I only keep up with certain trends. Usually ones that I enjoy and wear. But mostly the stuff that we know we can't get and quite frankly shouldn't get due to the price tag. Here are a few things most of us can get.
This caught my eye immediately due to the fact that it's getting near the time where sneakers will be become something of the past for me...no wait, I take that back. It hurt me to say that a bit. But the time is nearing where shoes will overtake the place of sneakers. Either way, these Jack Purcell "Dressed Leather" pair is a must have. They're simply yet stylish and how can you ever go wrong with just black? You can find these over at the Converse Japan store and they'll run you 23,100 Yen. Find out more by clicking HERE.

Staying on the theme of shoes we move on to these. These were spotted at the Agenda show in NYC and I've seen the model before just not in this color way and I can say that I want these NOW even though we're nearing the end of Winter. They look like they have a titanium-like finish. Perfect for the snow and rain from the looks of it. I'm going to look more into these but I'm sure you guys can find them by heading over to NIKE. 

Finally to end my post on "shoes" we get hit with this Limited release from Timberland and Villa. The 6 inch, "Villa89" boot  will be limited to 1,200 pairs. Water proof nubuck is all over the boot in a navy/dark blue color scheme. For your chances on getting your hands on these click HERE

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