Tuesday, March 25, 2014

As a native New Yorker there is one thing I can tell you that we ALL say we HATE about living here. The lack of spacious apartments. Not only is the rent ridiculously high but the space you get for your money is damn near disrespectful. Either way, this whole "Micro-Apartments" thing has been in the works for some years now. Personally, I hate the idea. The places are nice and new which is NYC's way of "making up" for the lack of space. They make them "affordable" but yet here they are showing us a $1 million dollar version of one. Sooner or later a lot of people I know, you know will be moving away from NYC. As much as it's the best city on Earth, it is most definitely the most expensive one as well. All negativity aside, I'd like a walk through of the apartment to witness the tech side of it. Enjoy.

via: Youtube 

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