Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reservoir Saturday.

Today I decided to wake up early and do the randomest thing I could think of. Told YP to wake up as well and we headed to Central Park. I started reminiscing about Junior High School and being in the "Running Club" and it was a no brained to head on down to the Reservoir.  


So many memories once I got on the track. As much as New York City changes it always stays the same if you're from here. There was also some sort of Marathon going on and we ran across this guy:

Dude was in a full orange body suit. Including the mask part. Hope he was able to finish the whole race without passing out. 


All in all, I'm glad we took care of this weather because NYC has been terrible the last few weeks. It's going up to 80 today, so enjoy it. 

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Billy Jhonson said...

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