Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Felicidades Fefà.


(Hey Mama), I wanna scream so loud for you, cuz I'm so proud of you

Let me tell you what I'm about to do, (Hey Mama)...

Every time Mother's Day or my mom's birthday comes around I always get mad at myself. Wish I could give her more gifts. I know we can't ever repay our mothers for what they have done or continue to do but I'm not going to give up on trying to give my mother the world and then some. I'm late on this post but I spent most of my afternoon with her yesterday. Watching her. Talking to her. Laughing with her. Enjoying my time with her. That's what life is about. Enjoying the precious moments. 


I pray that god gives her not only the strength but the will to continue to endure everything negative that comes her way. Strongest woman I've ever met in my life has been her. Nothing will ever change that. Happy "21st" birthday mami. Love you like you wouldn't know. 


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