Saturday, October 18, 2014


I try and avoid posting stuff from WorldStar because I hate most of their videos. When it comes to sports though, they're usually on point. A few days ago ESPN released their Annual NBA Players Rank. Last year they ranked Kobe at 25. This year they listed him at 40. He called them idiots and then went and dropped 27 points on the Jazz in their pre season game. Granted the game doesn't count but you see Kobe getting back into playing shape. I understand all the criticism being that he hasn't really played in about 2 seasons but you can't count out the man who gave you 63 in 3 quarters and whom also gave you the highest point total in a game since Wilt. Kobe went on record as saying that this doesn't motivate him. I'm sure he's already forgotten about that. He's a student of the game and he will adapt. If he stays healthy the whole season, watch out. Go Lakers.