Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jamaica X YP's 27th B-day

How awesome would it be to wake up in one of the world's most beautiful islands? And on top of that have it be your birthday? Awesome isn't even the word. I can tell you first hand, it wasn't my special day and I felt spoiled. Jamaica is truly one of the most calm and beautiful places I have ever laid eyes on. 

Everything from the resort being easy get used to even though it was huge. To the pool being as long as the resort itself. The food at the buffet and at the reservation restaurants were very delicious. I had no complaints. Everything was on point. 

And as you can see, my overall view wasn't too shabby. Every morning we woke up early and went and got breakfast. We talked about how much fun we were having, about what we want the future to hold, about what we should name our children. Sometimes you need to get away just you and your significant other to remember why it is that you appreciate them as much as you do. I fell in love all over again. 


Till we see each other again Jamaica. Every-ting Irie. 


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